Plan info so what do I get

After purchase you receive a link to a downloadable zipped file containing all relevant files.

“If I purchase a plan, what do I get?”

Model Designs:

Includes 5 PDF Drawings of the exterior of your houseboat model from all angles.

3D Perspective Plans:

Includes 8 PDF Drawings of the interior of the houseboat from various perspectives, detailing each room, living areas, bathroom and all features.

Working Drawings:

Include 8 Technical Plans

8 Technical Plans that Include:

  1. Houseboat Floor Plan
  2. Front and Port side plan
  3.  Rear View
  4.  Star Board
  1. Chassis and Pontoon Plan
  2. Roof Plan
  3. Fuel Tank Plan
  4. Optional Grey Water and Storage Pod

For copyright reasons we are unable to publish the full detailed plans in a large format online. However the thumbnails we have published give you a visual on the intricate detail included in all the plans.

These plans have been created with the finest quality in mind.

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