Where can I use a houseboat?

Houseboats are primarily designed for flat water environments, fresh or salt water rivers, estuaries and some suitable lakes.

How long does it take Marine Dynamix to build a houseboat?

We allow 3 to 4 months (a projected building schedule is offered during the quoting stage.)

If I have a vessel built by Marine Dynamix how do we get it across the lakes to the Murray River?

We deliver it for you in accordance with your building contract

How many different styles of houseboats do Marine Dynamix produce?

Marine Dynamix over the years has developed seven different series (styles) of vessel and each series comes in approximately 3 different sizes.

How do I get a quote?

We recommend a meeting or phone conversation to define your requirements and we then produce an estimation.

Why do Marine Dynamix have so many different series of vessel?

To cater for different tastes, modern, traditional or somewhere in the middle and in an appropriate size for each individual application, couples and families or larger hire vessel.

Who can legally drive a houseboat?

Regulations vary from country to country, in South Australia to drive a houseboat you require a standard boat license for a private vessel and a vehicle drivers license, after instruction for a hire boat.

Does Marine Dynamix produce houseboats at various stages of completion?

Yes we do, however this option is offered only to the series three range or something we design for you or a design you supply us.

How big can a houseboat be?

Maximum size of a hire drive houseboat in South Australia is 8.5 meters wide and 20 meters Long.

I’ve purchased a Marine Dynamix plan now what?

We suggest first study the drawings and define the parts of the construction you feel confident doing yourself then obtain quotations from subcontractors and suppliers, friends or family. NB: We recommend qualified tradespersons for critical components such as pontoons, gas, fuel and electrical systems.

Once you have established your building budget, lodge the plans to your local authorities for approval. If required then find a suitable location for the construction and your on your way, another step closer to having your dream boat.

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