Pontoons plans


Product Description

Pontoons: 750 hexagonal widths and 650 hexagonal widths

Our pontoon plans are engineered and designed as a result of an extensive evolution process. These pontoons can be constructed from either 5mm aluminum or 3 to 4mm steel; the location and usage of the vessel will dictate the most appropriate option. The pontoons have been expertly designed to ensure appropriate floatation, strength and functionality. They consist of our tried and tested Hexagonal pontoon system. Longevity and an excellent strength vs weight ratio have been factored in to the pontoon design.

Features of the plans:

Nose cone detail, engine mount information, all construction templates and dimensions, bulk head detail.

Available size: 750mm x 20metres   /   650mm x 16metres

NB.Pontoons can be adjusted in length only as required

*Estimated Completed value $22,000 to 45,000 Depending on length

*Estimated Completed value $330,000 to 390,000 Depending on fit out level

Plan info so what do I get

After purchase you receive a link to a downloadable zipped file containing all relevant files. For copyright reasons we are unable to publish the full detailed plans in a large format online. However the thumbnails we have published give you a visual on the detail included in all the plans. All plans are in PDF format. After purchase you receive a link to a downloadable zipped file containing all relevant files.

“If I purchase a plan, what do I get?” A downloadable .zip file comprising:

Working Drawings:

Technical plans including:

  1. Nose cone and rear detail
  2. Front and rear view
  3. Plan and side view
  1. Bulk head and bracing detail
  2. Fixing bracket detail
  3. Perspective drawing

These plans have been created with the finest quality in mind. Make your dream a reality! Pick a plan and start today. Now even easier with our new consultancy service

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